“Made in Portugal” products gaining global popularity


Recent export data showed that home and furniture exports had increased by 17% at the beginning of 2023, compared to figures from 2022. This number is expected to continue to grow over the coming years.

“Portugal Home Week”

Taking place today, Portugal Home Week, which is the biggest national event promoting the Portuguese Home Sector, is taking place at Alfândega do Porto. The general theme of the Portugal Home Week will be “Building the home of the future”.

The event will bring together industry professionals from across the world with a panel of speakers, of different nationalities and with different perspectives on the global market, participating in the event. Insights into the future of the Portuguese homeware market will also be discussed.

Growth in exports of Portuguese homeware and furniture

Gualter Morgado, executive director of the Portuguese Association of Furniture and Related Industries (APIMA), shared in an interview with idealista that foreign interest in Portuguese furniture has grown significantly.

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